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The First TNC Noahide Community Center Is Coming To Florida, USA

Donate to help us realize this goal.

the future of tnc community centers

Donate to Realize Community Centers
In 2018, our founder realized that there was a great need in the Noahide community, that could only be met by establishing social and educational centers. The Noahide community is growing rapidly, and while many individuals are voluntarily walking away from organized religions, they also find themselves leaving behind organizations that once provided their families and communities, with a needed social structure. Realizing that care would need to be taken in order to avoid the unintentional creation of worship centers, much planning has gone into conceptualizing the vision for Noahide social and educational centers. 
These community centers will begin with early learning facilities and community classrooms. It will serve as social, learning, and resource hubs for Noahides, and those who support the Noahide movement. It is also our aim that these community center will serve the larger surrounding community, and enrich the lives of residents, by providing leisure programs, childcare and after school care, individual and family moral development education, civics education, charitable services, community activities, and more. Diligent plans are currently underway, and we hope to establish a chain of community centers in the coming years.

While we wait to realize our long term goals, we will continue to serve the Noahide community virtually. To meet charitable needs, TNC may occasionally organize relief aid. To meet the social needs of Noahides, TNC will continue to assist in the coordination of Summer Camps, and annual Noahide social retreats in loving memory of Nancy Todd Overall (an inspirational friend of our founder). We also intend to provide resources for spiritual and psychological healing, through our independent counselors. 

It's our hope that each and every act of charity that your generous
donations help to make possible, will bring honor to God, and healing to our world. Thank you for believing in our vision.

Community Center Vision Board

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