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Thank you for believing in our mission
Thank you for your interest in donating to TNC. TNC was formally established in October of 2020 as a non-profit organization. We are a Noahide family and community development service and resource hub. If you would like to support our efforts through one-time or monthly donations, please use the links above. If you would like to take advantage of our monthly VIP membership program, which allows you to support us, while also giving you discounts on event tickets, among other perks, please use this link to join: monthly membership program
Long & Short Term Goals
Our staff of Jewish and Noahide individuals operate mostly as a team of volunteers, so when you donate to TNC, you can rest assured that your donation is not used to pay exorbitant salaries, or fund personal projects. Your support will be used to serve Noahides and their physical communities . Individual staff members serve from an area of compassion for others and a commitment to our cause. Individuals within our organization have experience in helping to coordinate Noahide social events, providing matchmaking for Noahides through our DatingNoah.com website, and an attitude of servitude.
In October of 2020, our team has chosen to discontinue to operating as independent volunteers, and have decided to work together under the umbrella of a formal non-profit. By doing so, we will be able to more easily reach our short and long term goals. Our short term goals are to provide organized charitable services as the need arises, such as: online resources for moral and spiritual development, care packages for the elderly or less fortunate, explainer video content to proliferate the teachings within the universal laws of morality, online civics education, organizing disaster relief efforts (ie. community clean up projects), and more. Our long term goal is to establish Noahide social and learning community centers. In keeping with the purpose of our goals, we may use your donations to purchase books for individuals or groups, wanting to better understand the laws of morality. No matter what amount you choose to donate, you can rest assured that your donation will be used for a moral and trustworthy cause.
Donate to Realize Community Centers
In 2018, our founder realized that there was a great need in the Noahide community, that could only be met by establishing social centers. The Noahide community is growing rapidly, and while many individuals are voluntarily walking away from organized religions, they also find themselves leaving behind organizations that once provided their families and communities, with a needed social structure. Realizing that care would need to be taken in order to avoid the unintentional creation of worship centers, much planning has gone into conceptualizing the vision for Noahide social centers. 
These community centers will serve as social, learning, and resource hubs for Noahides and those who support the Noahide movement. It is also our aim that these community center will serve the larger surrounding community, and enrich the lives of residents, by providing leisure programs, childcare and after school care, individual and family moral development education, civics education, charitable services, community activities, and more. Diligent plans are currently underway, and we hope to establish a chain of community centers in the coming years.
While we wait to realize our long term goals, we will provide the Noahide community with other resources. To meet charitable needs, TNC will organize relief aid when we are able. To meet the social needs of Noahides, TNC will continue to assist in the coordination of Summer Camps, and annual Noahide social retreats in loving memory of Nancy Todd Overall (an inspirational friend of our founder). We also intend to provide resources for spiritual and psychological healing, through our independent Noahide and Jewish counselors. 
It's our hope that each and every act of charity that your generous donations help to make possible, will bring honor to God, and healing to our world. Thank you for believing in our vision.
Community Center Vision Board
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About The Organizers
Noahide annual retreats are dedicated in loving memory of Nancy Todd Overall, and are organized, hosted, and sponsored by a variety of individuals and their groups, organizations, and businesses. The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. (TNC) is a non-profit organization committed to the development of services for Noahides and their communities. TNC serves as the website host and one of many sponsors of the annual retreats. 

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