Our Policy

The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc.'s "Book a Room" or ticket purchase option allows you to conveniently secure your lodging or room in group events. All properties and venues are owned by a third party. After making your reservation through the website, you will be given detailed instructions via email about how and when to submit your final deposit. Your payment will be securely processed through the The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. and sent to the third party on your behalf.
It is possible that the organizer will be unable to secure the lodging or venue as advertised, if the number of participants is too low. If after collecting all necessary payments and the reservation to the third party cannot be secured for any reason, the patron will be notified and may be given the option to apply the payment to a new reservation. Once all necessary funds are collected, payment is then forwarded to the third party (property or venue). Because finalizing a reservation is dependent on the number of participants, if the number of participants does not meet the necessary requirement, you will then be issued a refund. If you voluntarily request a refund or choose to cancel your reservation, you will be subject to the standards outlined in our cancellation policy and the terms of the third parties cancellation and refund policy.
As a private organization, TNC reserves the right to cancel or modify a reservation for any reason.
By booking your reservation you and each member of your party agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations posted on our Rules and Regs page.  

Payments & Deposits

If a partial payment (deposit) is collected, it is your responsibility to remit your final payment before the deadline or contact retreat@noahidecommunity.com to inquire about any questions or concerns you have, and make arrangements to remit your final payment. Where deposits and final payments are collected separately, you can choose to have your deposit money refunded, only if the refund is requested before all deadlines. 
Any refund of the deposit requested after the deposit deadline is subject to a processing fee. Some deposits are not refundable. Please see details before purchasing tickets or "booking your room". There is absolutely no refund of deposit or final payment on or after the final payment's deadline date. Deadlines and fees vary from venue to venue, so it is your responsibility to check the email you provided us for updates, or contact retreat@noahidecommunity.com to inquire.
Optional add-on services may be immediately purchased by the organizer after payment is received and the organizer may not be able to receive a refund from the vendor. For this reason there are absolutely no refunds for add-on services, including, but not limited to: group tickets, meal tickets, and other services or supplies.

Individual Responsibility

It is your responsibility to make a reminder of all deadlines and payments due. It is also your responsibility to notify the organizer of any error within your reservation before all deadlines. If there are any additional questions or if any information is unclear please contact retreat@noahidecommunity.com or message the organizer before all deadlines.
We hope that booking through our website has made this experience convenient and we welcome your feedback.