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Raising Noah by TNC Presents:

nOAHIDE RETREAT & family summer camp

June 20th -23rd
Orlando, Florida

VIP Members receive $100 off, plus all-inclusive breakfast and nightly dinners for your entire family. Thank you for your financial support!

Monday, June 20th
Family Dinner
Meet other Noahide families while breaking bread. Make new friendships for you and your children. Breakout discussions will be held.
Tuesday, June 21st
Pool Fun & Activities
​Take a swim or slide in the pool, or just enjoy our private lazy river. Enjoy bbq, s'more roasting, and good talks. Breakout discussions will be held.
Wednesday, June 22nd
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Relay races, and team building games. Bond with your precious family, while enjoying laughs, good food, and whole lot of fun with old and new friends. Youth and teens will have special times to come together and build new friendships, while learning about Torah-based ethics and values from a camp counselor. Then close off the night with a barbecue feast to remember. Breakout discussions will be held.
Thursday, June 23rd
Let's Stay In Touch Breakfast
We'll share breakfast with family and friends, and gather in the living room for a farewell message.
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fun captains
Youth Fun
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Youth Fun
Family Fun
The 2022
House of Fun Mansion
Orlando, Florida  USA
A slice of paradise in sunny Central Florida
The Spot includes the following amenities:
• lazy river and pool

• paddle boating and kayaking
• lifesize interactive outdoor and indoor games
• outdoor kitchen and grilling
• nature walks and reading hammock
• all rooms and bathrooms are classical game themes, with built-in games for the whole family.
A look back at the 2021 retreat & summer camp
the noahide way
Let's Get Serious FAMILY
Join our breakout group to discuss how to build a strong marriage and a healthy family, according to Torah principles.
Let's Get Serious 
TEENS - Beyond Surviving 

A teen breakout group to discuss how to move beyond surviving life as a teenager, and learn how to thrive as a God fearing and moral teen, by choosing friends and entertainment wisely, and finding your purpose while embracing your parent's guidance.
Let's Get Serious HEALING  
Let's talk about how we can continue to heal from RTS. Unload some spiritual baggage from former religions and worldviews, by sharing experiences, struggles, and advice for success, as we journey through the Noahide path.
Wisen Up Story Hour 
Lil' Bits

Are you 3 - 11? Gather around the campfire and listen to inspiring stories about little big heroes just like you. And get ready for a whole lot of laughs!
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Charles & Shara Chabakji

Director of The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. & Creators of


Rabbi Yerachmiel Bruchya & Rebbitzen Sara Chana Altman


Author of The Seven Laws of Noah: God's plan for living a good life.
Head Rabbi of Congregation Anshei Toras Chesed in Jacksonville, NC


Dr. Michael


Dr. Michael Schulman, Executive Director of Ask Noah International and, provides expert answers to questions related to the Torah-based Noahide Code for Gentiles. Ask Noah’s accomplishments include publication of a comprehensive and authoritative rabbinical codification of the Noahide Code, by the organization's overseeing rabbi, Rav Moshe Weiner of Jerusalem. It is titled Sheva Mitzvot HaShem (Hebrew edition) and The Divine Code (English edition). Other important publications are the book Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge, and numerous multi-lingual booklets and outreach materials. Ask Noah's on-line presence and global networking have been providing non-denominational faith-based resources for Noahide individuals, families and communities around the world for over 22 years.